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My Top 3 Favourite Sources For Cut Flower Seeds

As you can image I have a pretty robust seed collection! Over the past 3 years I've really honed in on where I can purchase reliable, high-quality seeds that produce strong flowers. Check out my shortlist below!

There are literally thousands of seed companies you could purchase cut flower seeds from this year, but buying from more than just a few is the fastest way to blow your seed budget (I speak from experience).

So before we dive into where to get your seeds, we'd take a look at the criteria I use to choose why I'm ordering!

A few questions to ask yourself before purchasing seeds:

•Is the seed company within my growing zone, or region? The closer the seed supplier is to your home base, the higher likelihood that the seeds you purchase will do well in your garden. There are always exceptions to the rule, but in general I've found that seed farms in Ontario (where I live) do better than those from further away. Even better? Seeds saved from your own garden or swapped with a fellow gardener!

•Is there a company that fulfills 75%+ of your cut flower seed AND vegetable needs? If you can find a company that offers the bulk of what you need for your garden in one shot, then take advantage and just get it all in one place! Then use 1-2 other companies to fill in the gaps if needed.

•If you're considering purchasing from another country: is the exchange rate worth it? Sometimes you just can't find the seed you need anywhere else-- but do a quick search of exchange rates to see if it's maybe worth just skipping this time around.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way— let's move on to my Top 3 Favourite Sources for Cut Flower Seeds, counting down to my top pick:

3) Stems Flower Farm (CAN)

Stems Flower Farm is to Canada, what Floret Farm is to the USA. Stems is an Ontario-based cut flower, vegetable, and seed farm that offers an incredible amount of designer cultivars. You can search the site by feature (ex. edible), class, form, or colour to really hone in on exactly what you're looking for. And if you're looking for designer pumpkins, this is the place!

Because their seed packets contain 50-100 seeds, this is where I typically go when I'm looking to experiment with a crop before I dedicate a large amount of space to it.

2) Johnny's Select Seeds (USA)

Purchasing seeds from Johnny's is one case that I would claim the exchange rate is 100% worth it! They offer one of the very best selections of cut flower seeds, along with vegetables and herbs. Johnny's is known for their informative seed packets, which will tell you everything you need to grow a particular seed including the germination rate. Browse their website and you will also find growing guides, plant spacing calculators, and helpful articles written by farmers, growers, and designers (I've bookmarked plenty!). You can also search this site by feature, class, form, and colour.

Johnny's offers smaller seed packets for all sizes of gardens, including smaller packets up to full ounces+.

1) William Dam Seeds (CAN).

By far my favourite seed company and Canadian to boot! William Dam is where I purchase the bulk of my seeds for the growing season, including vegetables and cut flowers. And while they don't necessarily offer the stunning designer cultivars we've come to know and covet via social media, I can reliably get the workhorses of my flower field here-- think fillers, greenery, and accent flowers. William Dam seeds are rigorously tested, and each informative seed packet also includes their germination rate. Their website is also my favourite source for equipment like cell trays, bottom trays, netting, frost cloth, etc.

Honorable Mentions

Can't find what you're looking for through my Top 3? Here are a few more sources for cut flower seeds that I've used in the past with great success:

West Coast Seeds (CAN)

Ontario Seed Company (CAN)

Vesey's Seeds (CAN)

Antonio Valente Flowers (CAN)

Whistling Prairie Flowers (CAN)

Floret Flower Farm (USA)

. . . . .

Did I miss any of your favourite sources for cut flower (or vegetable) seeds? Leave a comment below so we can all discover new favourites!

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