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our story


Cold Springs Flower Farm is the brainchild of our head farmer-florist, Kelsey Jibb. A lifelong lover of all things flowers & farming, it has been a dream come true for Kelsey (who is now technically a 5th generation farmer) to tend the fields that her Father and generations before once farmed. a very different way

Our farm wouldn't have the same heart & soul if it weren't for Kelsey's husband Stefan, and their three kiddos. Always willing to lend a helping hand, they're a big part of the daily behind the scenes here on the farm. 

5 family members posing in a wildflower meadow at sunset.

about our farm

Since 2021 we have grown unique specialty cut flowers on our 1/4 acre  micro flower farm. Located in the heart of Northumberland County, Ontario (halfway between Toronto and Kingston) and surrounded by picturesque drumlin hills and mixed forest, our crops grow in sync with the changing seasons.  

From ruffled double Tulips & Ranunculus in the Spring, to show-stopping Dahlias in the Fall, the transition to each new season brings with it a thoughtfully curated collection of vibrant colour, texture and fragrance. Our flower field is a true delight for the senses, and we're here to show you that our humble family farm is capable of providing Northumberland with authentically homegrown beauty.

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always seasonal.
always sustainable.

We are dedicated to growing beautiful flowers that are kind to you and the Earth. We don't use any chemical inputs and are committed to using regenerative farming practices that protect the soil, water, climate, and critter habitats on our farm for generations to come.

Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make— and although we aren't certified organic, we operate in the exact same manner. We are always striving to learn more and do better: this is the work of a lifetime.

If you care as much about the beginnings as the beautiful end result, all while supporting your friendly neighbourhood flower farmer, than we are kindred spirits. 

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